Friday, August 12, 2011

SPARKS . . . part 2

A few conversations following my last post on SPARKS (via Google+ Hangouts) had me doing some more poking around G+ and also thinking about Sparks in general.

More than a few said they wanted to see a Genealogy default and sure, why not, because many of those in my circles and reading the posts initially are the early adopter genealogy crowd. But getting beyond our personal interests (like why not have a Photography default too), I have some other interesting thoughts to share and solicit feedback on.

When you are within Sparks Central (my name, not sure it has an official name), the Google Suggest feature helps you refine your query. One thing that has pros/cons that could be implemented in the results is something Google typically does with Web results — that is to bold the keywords that were part of the search. Now, that may not sould terribly needy or interesting at first, but then consider this. Another feature is the use of the tilde symbol (~) for a similar words search. So if you search for ~genealogy, you would also get keywords like family history and others. When those appear bold, it allows you to determine which keywords are or are not considered 'similar' according to the Google search engine and that can have some benefits.

So, my question is, how many of you regularly use the tilde symbol and have you tried it when creating Sparks.

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