Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Drag & Drop on G+ Homepage

With such clever integration between the Stream and Circles, I find myself wondering why one additional feature hasn't yet been implemented on Google+.

While reviewing/reading items in my Stream, I sometimes realize that posts from certain individuals are no longer as useful as I had thought they would be when I first circled them. It's not that I want to block this person, but rather that when many people are circles, the Stream flows more like a Rapid and that's partly my fault. I've refined my Circles a bit and that has quickly helped, but that takes more clicks and jumping from screen to screen — something I don't often have time for.

I think it would be very useful to have the capability of dragging a post from the Stream and dropping it in another Circle or, better yet, in the Incoming Circle. This way, I've not blocked someone, nor have I muted their post, but I've essentially reassigned or demoted the importance of their posts (for now) and can always check the Incoming posts with a single click when I have time. And when I find that my interest in a topic peaks again, I drag a post (and therefore the author) back into one of my circles.

As always, let us all know what you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Is there a better alternative I've not considered?

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