Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Capability to Manage Sparks

I could imagine this one easy enough. It doesn't necessarily have to be an additional button on the top nav bar next to the Search box (as I've shown in the mock-up above), but certainly clicking on the word Sparks should at least get us to a central point where we could not only search for topics of interest, but have the ability to managed how they appear in the left-side navigation.

I'm optimistic this is coming soon because just a couple weeks ago we were all surprised that such basic capabilities weren't possible for Circles and before we knew it, there they were. And I noticed this evening that those are getting better too.

As for Sparks, I'd like to be able to have a list on my left nav that I could pause certain items for a while, but be able to still recall and reactivate in the future. And certainly the ability to prioritize or sort them either in an alpha-list or drag-and-drop prioritization or something. Right now, it seems to be last in is first up.

Over time, might be interesting to see what type of integration might be possible with Google Alerts. How about anyone else on this topic? What else do you think about as far as Sparks are concerned?


  1. My teenage children tell me they like Sparks. But as a big Google Reader user I am not sure exactly what Sparks does and whertherI would use it instead of, or in tandem with, Reader.

  2. I love sparks because it gives me stuff I don't know about yet. I can then add it to Reader if I like the look of it.

    Dan, I love the idea of turning a search into an alert - after all, I can do it easily in eBay!

  3. I'd like to be able to link Sparks to Circles. For instance, if I have a Sparks for "genealogy", then when I share something from it, it should automatically pre-fill my "genealogists" Circle in the share box.